Federal Territory State Women Leader, Kogilam Suppiah

Federal Territory State Women Leader, Kogilam Suppiah

With reference to the article “Wanita MIC engage in war of resignation“ published in TMT on 4th Sept, 2014 entitled, “Federal Territory Wanita MIC chief S. Kogilam is deemed to have resigned as a member of the National Women Liaison Council and also as the state women leader. This was confirmed by the Wanita MIC chief Mohana Muniandy when contacted by The Malaysian Times (TMT) today”.
This was confirmed by the Wanita MIC chief Mohana Muniandy when contacted by The Malaysian Times

This was confirmed by the Wanita MIC chief Mohana Muniandy when contacted by The Malaysian Times

Here I would like to categorically state that I have yet to receive any letter from the National Women Section except for a copy which has been extended by the press for my comment today.
Since the National Women Leader has confirmed the news as true to TMT, therefore I would like to exercise my right to refute the allegation and set the record straight. I am still the Wilayah Persekutuan State Women Leader and I will continue to do so with the support of MIC President Datuk Seri G. Palanivel since the position of being a State Women Leader is an appointment made by the MIC President. This issuance of the said letter is obviously done in bad light to undermine my action aimed at positive transformation of the community of women.

It is sad and disappointing to note the ignorance and incompetence of the National Women Secretary, Karampal Kaur in issuing the letter and also the ignorance of the National Women Leader, Mohana Muniandy for endorsing the issuance of the letter and confirming the status, whereby they both have failed to understand the Women Section By-Law 2003 to an extent claiming that I am deemed resigned as a State Women Leader for failing to attend the National Women Liaison Council Meeting which is a nonsensical statement since both positions are independent of one another involving two separate committees and the application of the By-Law 53 is specific to that particular committee. If the National Women Leader, Mohana Muniandy is capable of making such ludicrous mistake, I can’t help but to question her capability in leading the Women Wing.

The Women Section By-Law 2003 (Page 30 – By-Law 53) reads as follows:


53. Any member absent from three (3) consecutive meetings of the committee concerned without satisfactory explanation shall be deemed to have resigned from that committee.”

This clearly attests to the fact that it is a retaliation by the National Women Leader towards my “ACTION TAKEN AGAINST FIVE (5) DIVISION WOMEN LEADERS” in Wilayah Persekutuan recently in order to bring positive transformation of Wilayah Persekutuan State Women’s Section. I urge the National Women Leader to stop condoning the act of some Division’s Women Leaders who are working against the State Women Leader and the President. This act of the National Women Leader highlights her insecurity and incompetence as she has not taken any initiative to solving attitudinal issues but rather taking sides to ensure the security of her position. Despite the many requests to her to get these errant division women leaders to toe the lines and to work and support the leadership of the day, it has fallen into deaf ears. It is mockery to preach about Unity to women when she herself does not have the capability to unite the women and have failed to practise what she preaches.

Now as for the part of letter saying that I have deemed resigned as the member of “National Women Liaison Council” because I have “failed to attend three (3) consecutive National Women Liason Council Meeting which was duly held on 15/3/2014, 19/4/2014 and 17/8/2014 With unexpectable reason”.

First of all, I would like to point out that I am the elected member of “WOMEN COUNCIL” and there is no such thing as “National Women Liaison Council” or something like “with unexpectable reason” as stated in the letter. Anyone can get a proper picture and meaning if they have read and understood the Women Section By-Law 2003.

Secondly, I refute this allegation and reiterate, that it is being done in bad motive by the National Women Leader because I did attend the Women Council meeting held on 19/4/2014 contrary to the claim that I was absent. I am able to produce hard proof to confirm my attendance on 19/4/2014 Women Council Meeting therefore the letter claiming that I have been “deemed resigned” due to my failure to attend 3 consecutive meetings of the Women Council is null and void. I would like to add that I have provided satisfactory explanation for my absence from the Emergency Council Meeting held on 17/8/2014.

In addition I also would like to point out, it seems the unanimous decision to take action as per By-Law 2003, which was decided by the Women Council on 17th June, 2014 in the letter has been badly fabricated, as based on my record there were no Women Council meeting called or held on that day. It is also very unlikely as it was a working day (Tuesday).
Stop attacking and wasting time with internal bickering but accept and move forward on efforts for the upliftment of our community

As such it is very clear, this a personal attack against my leadership therefore I demand for an official apology from National Women Leader and National Women Secretary for tarnishing my name and putting me in a bad light.



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